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GEN6 - Governments ENabled with IPv6

GEN6 shares the view that a democratic European society, with a strong and productive economy, requires service-oriented, secure, reliable and innovative government, at all levels independently of size and location used by all groups of citizens (elder, handicapped, youngsters, immigrants). Successful implementation of eGovernment can improve services, strengthen our societies, increase productivity and welfare, and reinforce democracy. This success will only be achieved by pursuing a long-term vision, with clear and sustainable objectives, with constancy and persistence, and with participation of all stakeholders: government, citizens and industry. GEN6 will contribute to these objectives in the area of communication and how to transition to IPv6 in the government area.

Looking at the propagation of IPv6 networks and services upon these networks, we can state that we are looking at islands. Narrowing the view to eGovernment, these islands are getting even smaller. As indicated in the call “ICT PSP call 2011 (Pilot Type B, objective 4.3), Piloting IPv6 upgrade for eGovernment services in Europe”: "With a depletion of IPv4 addresses expected soon, public administrations and other stakeholders must prepare for IPv6 deployment in order to ensure continuity of their services." IPv4 addresses are not available anymore. So, actions have to be taken to pave the way for administrations to IPv6: "The aim is hence to stimulate the upgrade of eGovernment infrastructures, and services of public interest to IPv6".

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